some cool stuff from gnomon workshop

Hello!!!! Ive found some usefull stuff from gnomon workshop the guys there instructing are awesome ive learned so much from their tutorials,check them out if you dont know them at, they have all sorts of tutorials and stuff

As  an aspiring artist ,wannabe designer and illustrator i seek to improve my figure drawing skill so i present thee


This one is with david finch a remarkable artist and instructor,and its alla about drawing the human figure with all its elements hand feet torso and head as well as the facial features its great.Seek  and you shall find

and the other is

which i dont know  much about it.Its obviously about gesture and from what ive red its a foundation video as the gnomon people call their basic-skills level tutorials so yes give it a try and check those out.People in illustration and graphic design as i am will find them of most use for drawing the human figure better

cheers dudes \m/


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