books to read and recomendations

Here i post some book titles which can be found via the internet and amazon they concern about the human figure and i personally  use them as add-ons

to my studies (my method of practising includes video-tutorials first because i believe its better seeing someone drawing something that makes it more understandable and them dig in the books for further info and exercising)

here  ya go

loomis books:

loomis was an awesome illustrator draftsman and artist his books is said to be free because  no copyrights exist for the books and you can find them here

a great book by hampton

which was vilppus student and has helped me a lot ( info for vilppu)

and some other books by the master bridgeman

and the master Burne-Hogarth

btw scribd is a site with online  book collections for you to read ,upload and share most recomended

stay tuned!!!


PS if my english is bad plz dont be shy and tell me i ll spare more time making sense in my sentences. I hail from greece u know and yea thats that!!!


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