Monthly Archives: January 2012

Some graphic design stuff

Older and newer graphic design stuff like letterhead design and company profile designs enjoy


digital sketchbook more

digital sketchbook

lately i ve been trying to organize my stuff  a little better in the digital sketchbook here is a quick sketch just trying some composition experiments adding borders and stuff so here is the mobile sketch which was unintentionally made (used sketcher android app) and then i said what the hell lets give it a quickie try and came up with this crap

A little oil pastel experiment

My arsennal is equipped also with oil pastels , these buggers produce a very cool blending but i found it hard to define my forms u know with hightlights and shadows and stuff anyways here come the pics

its a tree drawn in a3 paper

A few pages from the sketchbook

First page of my new sketchbook

I recently got my moleskine sketchbook!!First page is all about eyes (and stuff)

Necrosynthesis part2 The Organic Mechanism

So continuing my  Necrosynthesis project  series i came up with this concept and iam pretty happy about the ending  result.Here it is and again tools beeing used were photoshop a lot of coffee and cigarettes and inspiration by the music of sybreed.Enjoy