Monthly Archives: December 2011

Bonita muerte

another fine pen artwork ive made just for the fun and for the practise ink RULEZ!


just another minimalistic illustration

i love illustrations which are drawn by hand and later colorized in the pc this is another attempt 


so here are some sketches done in sketchbook pro as morning practise just to get my hand and eyes straight while the coffee is being made,also here is a 10-15 min ink&watercolor sketch (my first ever)not really proud of it but seen what watercolor and ink can do  iam willing to get serious about it and start something soon cheers!!

Neoclassical style

So here is what ive been doing allday from the morning till now this babe was my todays work Inks on 30×40 paper surface

Plasteline Heroes

well not much to say the first one i call her weird is my plasteline companion and fellow artist which appeared one day knocking at my door and asking for ink and an eraser luckily i had and since them we stick togetha and in the 2nd pic you can see a couple having sex doggie style (now shake that ass  babe)the last one was made in art school just for the fun anyways..

Great instrumental mathcore band

Yesterdays discovery

They are named absent distance and they rule

Yesterday sketches

those little sketches are ina a4 schoeller page (<3) and they are quick studies done with ink  and tombo marker (scanner messed them up)